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Spots Finds Ann Arbor

After opening the original Mister Spots location in Bowling Green, OH in February 1985, Jim Gavarone and Jim Kelley wanted to try another college town in need of wings and cheesesteaks. To test the concept, they started with 4 mobile Mister Spots stands. As we now know, Spots found quick success and the Ann Arbor location on South State Street was launched by longtime Bowling Green friends Keith McKendry and Tim Wojcik in November 1986. The pair, who went to high school and college together, did not originally plan to open in Ann Arbor. They first looked to expand in Bowling Green, then Cleveland, where they are from, but they kept expanding the radius to better opportunities.

From the mobile “food trucks” to the location on South State Street, Mr. Spots soon became embedded in the Ann Arbor community. Located near the University of Michigan’s athletic campus, the sandwich and wings shop has seen more than its fair share of star and soon-to-be athletes.

The shop is a favorite of UM alum and NFL star Tom Brady, and McKendry was even given a codeword to get past security to deliver sandwiches to the quarterback and offensive line. Pop/rock group Fall Out Boy, Fox Sports Dan Patrick, UM alum and ESPN’s Charles Woodson, and star UM coach Jim Harbaugh are among some of the recent notable people to consider Mr. Spots the place to eat and get the finest steaks, hoagies, and wings in the Midwest.

Spots has become more than just a college joint. With enough stories to fill several books, Mr. Spots has become a regional food beacon winning awards for best wings in both Ann Arbor and Bowling Green. Recognized in national, regional, and local press and media. Mr. Spots is Bowling Green and Ann Arbor’s first choice for sandwiches, wings, and fries for 36 years and counting.

“Hands down, Mr. Spot’s is the best place for cheesesteaks in Ann Arbor. My husband loves it and is a regular, making the walk from UM’s Medical Campus at least monthly. The owner and staff now know him by name. My husband is a native of the Philadelphia area and it’s hard to find cheesesteaks that meet our standards. The roll can make or break a cheesesteak. They use Amoroso’s rolls which are one of the best cheesesteak/hoagie rolls in the Philadelphia region.”


–Anna M.

“Steaming hot, loaded with shaved ribeye beef, coated in melty cheese, and topped with these very hot peppers, it was cheesesteak perfection. No wonder Mr. Spots sometimes delivers hundreds of these to the University of Michigan football team as they head out for an away game. We can confirm that Mr. Spots in an Ann Arbor classic, and a perfect stop any time of the year, whether you’re a local or here for a football game or the Ann Arbor Art Fair.”


–John G.

“Known for their cheesesteaks (and let us tell you, they are fantastic), their Spot wings are equally popular. You can buy them by the bucket which makes them ideal for a tailgate, or just get a few for yourself. Four sauces are available, if you are feeling ambitious, try the Suicide Sauce, a blazer.”


–Amy S.

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